Future Forge is a volunteer-run 

501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, 

and we rely on community support!

Here are some ways to donate:

  • Money Donations!  We rely on donations of money to fund a big portion of our operation!  If you can make a monetary donation, it really helps this project continue!

To donate to the Silver City Future Forge Project

through PayPal, click this link: 


  • Monthly Subscription!  Here, you can sign up to donate monthly! If memberships or volunteering won't work for you, you can make a regular $5 monetary donation!

To donate monthly to the Silver City Future Forge Project

through PayPal, click this link:

$5 Monthly

  • Volunteer!  Volunteering is one of the best ways to get involved with your community!  We are a volunteer-run organization and we are always looking for enthusiastic help!

Click this link for more information on volunteering:


  • Join our Sponsorship Program!  Join us as a donor and sponsor another person's chance to use the space!  These sponsorship positions are for folks with the drive and talent to be creators that may not have the funding to do so.  You could be what makes the difference in a creator's life!

Contact Future Forge Makerspace for more information on

the Sponsorship Program:


  • Donate equipment!  We are also very much in need of educational equipment and tool donations!  Check out our Wishlist to see if you'd like to donate something:


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