Hitting the ground running!

Future Forge Makerspace has been busy busy busy! 

Let's give you a quick update on what's been happening since the move!

  • In May 2022, we began our annual reopening of the Makers Market in the Main Street Plaza downtown.  We started off with a BANG!  Hosting the Give Grandly in-person event on May 7th, joining Blues Festival on May 28th, and hosting CLAY festival on July 16th.  This year we will be taking on the task of organizing the Blues Fest!
  • In June 2022, we hosted our first Open House, one of the many we plan to do throughout the year which was a great success!  It was a great turnout and we had so many wonderful folks stop in to join us for tours and demonstrations. The new location is working out great! We have put so much work into getting the building functional for members, and still have much to do!  Makerspaces are dynamic and in a constant state of change.
  • We have received a few grants here and there over the last few months with many thanks to give to the community.  Notably, we received the 30-Something Grant!  This grant for $30,000 was issued to our Makerspace to purchase the lot of land next door to begin construction on what will be known as the Maker's Playground!

In other news, creating this new space to work for us has made the makerspace really take off!  Recently, we have been focusing on building our volunteer staff up to take on this new influx of interest in our space.  If you are interested in volunteering, check out the Volunteer link under the Membership tab and join us!  We are always looking for more great minds to add to our team!  

Remember! We are solely supported by our memberships and donations!  We accept tools, computers, printers and more! Check out the Donate tab at the top of the screen!

Future Maker's Playground Imagined

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